December 12th - December 16th Weekly Updates: Recent Articles, TigerGraph Graphé, Trending Datasets, and More!

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Here’s your weekly round-up of recent articles, upcoming TigerGraph Graphé sessions, trending datasets, and more!

:writing_hand: Recent Articles

Cryptocurrency fraud is on the rise, with more than $1 billion stolen this year alone. Graph analytics can help identify potential fraud “red flags” by answering questions like:

  • Is this single coin owned by multiple addresses?
  • Are there multiple transactions connected to each block?
  • Is there a cyclical money flow that indicates potential money laundering?

Read Sebastian Aldeco’s, TigerGraph’s Director of Financial Services Industry Solutions, BigDATAwire article to learn more!

:trophy: 2022 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Award

We are excited to announce TigerGraph has won BigDATAwire Editors’ Choice Award: Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Analytics Database!

Big thanks to everyone at BigDATAwire for the recognition!

:top: Trending Community Topic

Check out last week’s Discourse topic with the most views:

Can Tigergraph database consume data from either Qlik Replicate or Qlik Compose?

Are you knowledgeable on this topic? Don’t hesitate to jump in and help others in the community!

:coffee: TigerGraph Graphé

Bring your coffee and talk directly with our engineers every Tuesday on Discord. During Graphé hours, we talk about all things graph, answer questions about graph modeling, GSQL programming, and more!

Upcoming sessions:

:bar_chart: Kaggle Trending Datasets

Drugs, Side Effects and Medical Condition :pill:
Side effects of drugs prescribed to medical conditions.

Skiing Hotels :ski:
About 400 hotels in Ski resorts across Europe, with details about each resort.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Tweets :soccer:
A Twitter dataset about the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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