Tigergraph database can consume data from either Qlik Replicate or Qlik Compose?

Hi team anybody here who can guide me on this
TigerGraph Database can consume data from either Qlik Replicate or Qlik Compose

and another is of target - Qlik Sense


@puneet I’ve not connected to either of those… but you can push data into TigerGraph via REST endpoints. Do either of those product interface with REST endpoints?

@Jon_Herke as I checked they don’t have ready driver available to push the change data capture to (target Graph database) from source relational database, but I checked if the graph database provide ODBC interface then Replicate may access it via generic ODBC API.
can you please provide the official download option for tiger graph ODBC

@puneet Here is the ODBC connector. I’ve not used it, so if you run into some issues, I’ll try my best to help if you go the ODBC route.

Looking at the QLIK connectors list I did see JDBC and REST. TigerGraph’s JDBC connector is used quite a lot in the community. I did see REST supports GET and POST on their page as well.

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