What does "LTS" in the version numbers mean?

What does the “LTS” beside version numbers mean, i.e. 3.9 LTS.


Hello @gpadvorac,

Thank you for reaching out to us. When we mention ‘LTS’ alongside our TigerGraph releases, it stands for Long Term Support. This simply means that these particular versions of TigerGraph are supported with updates and bug fixes for an extended period, typically several years. We understand the importance of having a stable and reliable system, especially in a professional setting where frequent upgrades can be disruptive. By choosing an LTS version, you can ensure that your system remains secure and operates smoothly, with the added benefit of not having to upgrade to new versions as often. Rest assured, with TigerGraph’s LTS releases, you’re choosing a version that’s built to last and supported for the long haul.

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You may find further information for on-prem here Release Notes :: TigerGraph Server


Thank you @samuelskidmore