Vertex IDs with blank character - REST API Query calls error

I have a vertex with some of the vertex IDs having a blank character in between. The Vertex ID is a parameter for one of my queries. The REST API query fails with this error - <<'Failed to convert user vertex id for parameter >> I tried encoding with urllib.parse.quote to handle the blank character but I continue to get this error <<'Failed to convert user vertex id for parameter >>. I can use graph studio to query the vertex ID with blanks without an error. The error is happening only through the REST API calls. Any help, please?


@ramaiah78 Could you share your REST API request (in the form of CURL command, for example)?

Probably you hit a problem with a non-properly URL-encoded id (for example, space should be replaced by %20, see: HTML URL Encoding Reference)

Thanks - I am using the urlib.parse.quote to encode it actually - The actual value of the vertex ID

  • “161 043”. The value in the parameter when printing is ‘humanaplan’: ‘161%20043’. This vertex ID is accessible in the graph studio.

This API works fine for values like “AZAI0001” without the space in between.