Vertex attribute extending

How to create vertex schema with multiple level of vertex attributes inherit/extending?

Database (uid:unique string) → rdbms → mysql

Should be able to query at any levels. Like
Select * from mysql where uid=abc
Select * from rdbms where uid=abc

Please share wiki on extending

Vasanth Kumar

Hi @vasanthkumar I would like to help but might need additional clarity on the question.

Are you looking to extend your TigerGraph solution into a multi-db workflow where you need to synchronize data across databases, or is it regarding modeling a schema in TigerGraph that represents the data structure from other databases, or something else altogether?

Hi @Jon_Herke,
Trying to catalog data systems and connecting for lineage.
We have multiple data source/databases. From sample in case postgresql, can query on rdbms.uid=xyz or postgres.uid=xyz should return that postgres related vertex.