V3.0.0 Docker Container License Issue

I have been using a v3.0.0 docker container of TigerGraph for probably the last 2 months or so, and today I got a message that my license had expired. I thought the docker containers weren’t supposed to have licenses? When I go to the update license screen, however, it says that it is valid through 2030. Please refer to the attached screenshots.

Thanks Parker. We will look into it and provide an update.

Hi Parker,

You are using an older version of GraphStudio, this is likely because of browser’s cache. Please clear the cache for localhost:14240 and then try again. The interface should look like this: https://docs.tigergraph.com/ui/graphstudio/overview#home-page.

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@Duc_Le Thank you! I have been going back and forth between v2.6.1 and v3.0.0.

Parker, I have noticed that 2.x can get a little confused when I am switching between major versions, but usually a page reload fixes the issue.