Using /home2/tigergraph instead of /home/tigergraph

Our IT does not allow creation of /home/tigergraph as /home is NFS mounted and there are security issues. However, I am allowed to do /home2/tigergraph. How do I make TigerGraph use /home2/tigergraph instead of /home/tigergraph for developer edition while keeping default username tigergraph and passwords so that multiple users can use the same installation?

Hey @kumarator, welcome to our community.

you can install TigerGraph in any folder you decide, you just need to own the folder as user who start the installation (don’t use root!).
The easiest way is to edit the install_conf.json file: there you will find some key-valued located under RootDir. Change it to something you would like to have (I’m using /opt/tigergraph) and save the file.
Then start the installation by using the -n switch.


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Thank you Bruno,

Our IT happened to get me a workaround in the mean time. For the networked machine, they created a machine-local username named “tigergraph” and set its home to a machine-local home /home2/tigergraph. Then the default installation went through.

Good to know what you have shared; It will be useful next time I need to deal with installation.