User-defined Roles - Global and Local Privileges

I´m trying to create user roles to limit the access to some of the graphs, but not all of them and still allow the user to create new graphs.

This is the current configuration:

That is not working for me, because by not having the WRITE_SCHEMA option at global level, the users can’t create new graphs.

If I add the WRITE_SCHEMA privilege, then the limitations that I have in the SOP graph are overruled giving the users permission to add or remove vertices or edges.

Do you know any way to create a role that allows me to give permisions to create graphs but still keep limitations over other graphs?

Thank you for your time and help!

I’d suggest another perspective. The built in roles have sufficed for anything I had to provide in my solutions.

Here is an overview of a multi graph Multigraph Overview :: TigerGraph Server

And with that understanding this link might help