Use TigerGraph with Django

I am trying to use TigerGraph with Django, is that possible ? is some object-relation mapping (ORM) utility there. I did some RnD on it, having found it yet. TigerGraph works well with python, i found. But is there a wrapper for django models also ? Or anyone has done similar work.
Thanks !

Hi! As far as I know, I don’t think there are any Django + TigerGraph tutorials yet, but we do have some Flask + TigerGraph blogs if you’d like to check them out!

Hopefully this helps, and let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for the informative response.
I need TigerGraph integrated into my Django App, so that i could harness the lots of Django features like Authentication etc. I’ll wait for a while to see if some compatibility is ‘invented’.
We can also do the Django-TigerGraph communication by the means of individual API calls to TigerGraphs using Requests lib, but that also would be a lot of work in data management.

Thanks again for your help :v:

Hey @Mbilal,
We’ve previously worked with Django connection to TigerGraph and we did manually hard code the connector in it, let’s connect if you are interested in diving deep into that.
We will be releasing an Alpha Django TigerGraph ORM soon, and we’d love to have you contribute/test our alpha release.

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Thank you @Mohamed_Zrouga,
Our data are very complicated, multi-dimensional and nested in nature so it would be really hard to hard-code a generic code for that.

We had a meeting with TigerGraph developers team. And communicated the need of ORM back to our client, they want to start the work using MongoDB for now but later for deep insights of data we may consult the TigerGraph.

Thanks again for your help !

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