Use Remote GSQL Client with server port other than the default 14240?

Hello TG Team,

We are currently setting up the TG graph database for our client, on their server, and our client, due to security reasons, is unwilling to open up port 14240 for us. Hence we changed the nginx port number, but after doing such we wouldn’t be able to use a remote gsql client (running gsql scripts in bash for example)

So is there a way to use a remote GSQL client with server port other than the default 14240? I looked into the gsql_client.jar (as mentioned in this guide), but could not find a way to alter the server port which the client addresses to.


Hi @luyilun32661

Thank you for posting this , in order to use the gsql remote client you can use it as following

user@box:~$ java -jar gsql.jar -ip ip_address:alternative_port 

you can add the -cacert location_to_your_cert if it’s HTTPS
and you set an alias for gsql in .bashrc if you are using Linux/Mac

alias gsql=java -jar path_to_jar/gsql.jar

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It works! Thank you Zrouga.