Upload Custom Icons

Can anyone help me load a custom library of icons into GraphStudio? I am teaching a course on Healthcare and I have about 50 custom healthcare-related icons I want to load into the GraphStudio modeling tool. I am using TigerGraph 3.

Two questions:

  1. What format should the icons be in (they are currently in SVG or PNG)
  2. What directory should I put them into ( ~/tigergraph/data/gui/user_icons is were the current ones appear to be stored under Docker, but adding new ones does not work)

Thanks! - Dan

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Hey @danmccreary,

that is the right folder. Need to be png and square. Maybe you will need to restart gui and nginx services and clean your browser’s cache.


Thanks Bruno! That worked perfectly! I just needed to restart the server. Now I just need to resize all the icons to make them round, and be 512x512 and have a transparent background.