Updation of graph statistics

when i am uploading some dataset without attributes its nodes and edges are getting created. But when some attributes are there its not getting created. If i am trying to delete the data and reupload and start loading the data , its coming on top of the previous data, that is when i am deleting the previous data its not becoming zero or its not getting updated.

When you create relationships (Edges) and the corresponding vertex doesn’t have attributes it will generate the Vertex with blank attributes. I’m guessing that’s what you are seeing. Something like this:

Account_Name Account Sent_Money Received_Money Amount Tx_Account
Jon Doe 123 True False $10 456
Jane Doe 456 False True $10 123
Jane Doe 456 True False $5 789



[123,Jon Doe]-($10)-[456, Jane Doe]-($5)-[789,_]

In this example, you can see $5 was sent to account 789 but there wasn’t any other data on 789 just an ID associated with the transaction.

To clear all data you can use “CLEAR GSTORE”. Are you using GraphStudio or directly interfacing with your solution using GSQL?

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I am using graph studio directly.

And how to clear the previous data , if we want to upload a new data. Like we donot want the impact of the previous data. Can you explain that again elaborately.

check these edges are not getting created.