Update broken links

Hi Team,

Please update these broken links.

  1. For support article in below link

  2. For Change tmp/app/data root directory.

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Hi @pramod.dba31 ,

Thank you for letting us know about the broken link! I have notified the documentation team about it.

Meanwhile, if you want to access those links, does these two pages work for you?

Support article for configuring NGINX: How to create an NGINX configuration template (3.x and above) :: TigerGraph KB

Changing tmp/app/data root directory:

Supawish Limprasert (Jim)

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To add onto this, unless you are currently using a specific TigerGraph version (like 3.5), we recommend that you use the TigerGraph docs link without the version:

E.g. use https://docs.tigergraph.com/tigergraph-server/current/system-management/management-with-gadmin (current version)

instead of

https://docs.tigergraph.com/tigergraph-server/3.3/gadmin/management-with-gadmin (with 3.3 in the URL)

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Thanks for the updated links.