Unable to upload code

When I upload the program code in Tigergraph in the computer virtual machine, the interface keeps showing that uploading is in progress, which eventually leads to upload failure. What is the reason? How to solve it?

I’m not sure what you mean by “upload the program”.
For virtual machine, do you mean Docker or TG Cloud?
For upload, do you mean installing the Docker image, or Importing a GraphStudio Solution? Or do you mean loading data?
Can you show exactly the command you are using (screenshot or copy the command line text), and the exact response you are getting?

When I click install query on an error-free query code, the interface shown in the following figure will appear, but I will stay in this interface until I close tigergraph.

Thanks for the details. I assume this is TGCloud?
Some other users have sometimes experienced this.

As a workaround: If you close your browser window and then open a new one, and enough time has passed so you expect the queries should be installed, does it then work correct?

Or, log out of your TGCloud session and log about it?