Unable to run TigerGraph in Podman on M1 mac

I’m currently using an M1 Mac.
I’ve installed TigerGraph on a Podman machine.
While the installation is successful, the first activation of TigerGraph doesn’t work:
install.sh calls the cluster_node_flow file.
In it, “Congratulations! Installation Finished!” appears.
However, “TigerGraph is successfully started!” does not appear, as I gain a TimeOut error when trying to initialize Kafka and ZK.

I’d be glad if anyone who encountered the same problem would provide some assistance.

can you share your manifest file?

Where can I find it?

Does this help @alonharell docker manifest | Docker Documentation ?

We’re working with Docker Compose, so I have a Dockerfile.
May I send it to you?

A possible root cause is this error message:

#11 339.2 ===============================================================
#11 339.2 Congratulations! Installation Finished! 
#11 339.2 ===============================================================
#11 339.3 
#11 339.5 [PROGRESS]: 06:25:33 Start tigergraph service, this may take a while ... 
#11 340.0 [   Info] Starting EXE
#11 341.5 [   Info] Starting CTRL
#11 342.6 [   Info] Generating config files to all machines
#11 343.0 [   Info] Successfully applied configuration change. Please restart services to make it effective immediately.
#11 343.0 [   Info] Initializing KAFKA
#11 403.2 [  Error] Timeout (The StartExecutable cmd execution gets error in instance EXE_1; Timeout(1m0s) when Waiting executable ZK#1:check_ready to finish)
#11 403.2 [WARNING ]: Failed to initialize the cluster, retrying

if I do gadmin start all manually, then it works (though takes time, longer than a minute). Is there a way to configure the timeout?

@alonharell It could also be that TigerGraph doesn’t have support in ARM which M1 Macs use. ARM support is scheduled to come out next release (3.8 ~October 2022).

@Bruno Do you think that could be the primary issue that the installation isn’t executing as expected?

Would it be possible to receive a patch for the ARM support?

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@alonharell It is in development/testing and on the immediate roadmap for upcoming releases.