Unable to run ML Workbench Activator on MacOS

Hi there,

When I run the sudo ./mlwb activate -u tigergraph -p tigergraph command in the MacOS terminal, it will show the sudo: ./mlwb: command not found error.

My laptop is Macbook Pro 2016 with MacOS Monterey.

Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Hello dozee,

Following the steps here Activate :: TigerGraph ML Workbench,
you will need to download the activator script from here

If you are using MacOS, when you run the script your OS may complain about privacy and security. Something like
“mlwb can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software”

To solve it, you just need to change your system preference by going into Privacy&Security, and change the security preference for Terminal.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I have resolved this issue using the latest ML workbench tutorial, which installs the UDF without using the activator.

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Nice. I am glad you are able to move forward .

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