Unable To capture time of query execution

How to get the query response time in the output

  "error": false,
  "message": "",
  "version": {
    "schema": 41,
    "edition": "enterprise",
    "api": "v2"

Is there anyway we can get response time in milli second as part of json object or any other means of GSQL querying

when I tried in the Graph Studio

 DATETIME before ;
 before =  now();
 /* Code */
 PRINT datetime_diff(now() , before) as epoch;
 PRINT (datetime_to_epoch(now())-datetime_to_epoch(before)) as time_taken;

I’m getting a epoch and time_taken as 0

@brigis_roy The best place to look is in the logs. You can access the logs in the Admin Portal with the name of the query. There is a response time listed in MS there (GSQL log). Let me know if you need help finding it.