Ts3 grown in size, how to deleted old data

Hi Team,

I see in our environment TGDB - 3.9.2-1, ts3 size is grown a lot and seems like ts3 db holds the monitoring health of DB.
221G db
20K db-journal

How can we deleted data/retain only required number of days data. Correct me if I am wrong.

Pramod P

Hi, promod

You can refer to the below command to delete the old data.

 grun ts3serv "rm -f $(gadmin config get System.DataRoot)/ts3/*"
 gadmin restart ts3 ts3serv -y

Furthermore, you can configure the retention as below.

gadmin config set TS3.RetentionPeriodDay 7
gadmin config apply -y
gadmin restart ts3 ts3serv -y

Hi Ryan,

With rm command it will complete delete the current data and it will be a fresh db. We need to retain 7 days of data while we delete old data.