Trying to run a sample AntiFraud query - error

Dear TigerGraph Dev Community,

Trying to run same_receiver_sender query and getting this error:

Failed to convert Transaction vertex id for parameter input_transaction

No matter what vertex id i am entering … 1, 222, 333 per these instructions. Any idea what is wrong? It is a fresh instance with AntiFraud data pre-loaded

CREATE QUERY same_receiver_sender (vertex<Transaction> input_transaction)
FOR GRAPH AntiFraud syntax v2 {
    Given an input transaction, detect any instances in which sender is
    connected to receiver via Device_Token or Payment_Instrument within 4 steps.
    This type of self-transaction is more likely to be fraudulent.   

    Sample input:
    transaction: any integer between 1 and 1000.

Figured out - I had to LOAD data first. Now it works.