Tokenization of PII information

Hi team,
I am using Tiger graph with python flask app as a backend.
I want to store user personal information in my graph schema as a tokenization form for GDPR security compliances (just to limit the risks), so tiger graph provides any Database server’s encryption kind of thing where sensitive fields would be encrypted.
If yes, then how can we achieve this in Tiger Graph , and how can we perform GSQL queries against sensitive data ?

or this is not inbuilt by Tiger graph we have to preprocessed into Tokenize form beore load the data into TG and process own logic

Any reference would be highly appreciated


@puneet At this moment there isn’t a built-in STRING encryption function. There have been a few people in the community that have done something similar in two different ways. 1st way is the method you suggested where you Tokenize your string prior to writing. 2nd way is to create a UDF (User-Define-Function), a C++ snippet that performs the STRING translation.

I’ll discuss this with the internal product team to see if it’s on the roadmap.