TigerGraph's Fullstack Course Sample – Getting Error Code 500

Using the sample code from this tutorial:

Which uses the Covid 19 sample graph, everything works fine up to the point of calling the API that fetches data from TigerGraph
I don’t get an error connecting and authenticating, but do get an error calling the installed query. This is the query that runs fine from TG Studio.

This is the Python code:

def readListPatient_Infected_By():
    gsql = conn.runInstalledQuery("list_patients_infected_by", {"p", "2000000205"})
    return gsql

And this is the result in FastAPI

Any idea where/how to trouble shoot this?


@gpadvorac Can you run the built-in endpoint to list all queries? I want to verify that the query that you’re calling was installed (compiled and built as an endpoint) correctly.

Hi Jon,

This is using the free cloud account and I’m not sure what the correct syntax in the GSQL Shell is for that command. I tried several versions with no success:


But I did run “Install All Queries” from TG Studio and as you can see here, it’s installed


To be clear, in Python code I should be using the same credentials I use to login to my cloud account, right?