TigerGraph with BI tools

Can we access tigergraph data within any BI tool like Tableau etc…? What I want is to treat data in TigerGraph as a source, like any other RDBMS, to tableau and processing power of TG to build dashboards and reports.

your help is appreciated.

Thank you


You can get the result from TigerGraph by using Restful APIs.

That means you can send a request from your BI tool and use the response to build your dashboards.



I read the link and it is far from clear, maybe I’m slow. I’m looking to connect Tableau to is there a how to for this? Appreciated

Hi David,

currently there are 3 possible ways to connect TigerGraph and Tableau: using JDBC driver (https://github.com/tigergraph/ecosys/tree/master/tools/etl/tg-jdbc-driver), using RESTAPI and JavaScript (basically Node.js). My colleague @Szilard_Barany is on it. There is also possibility is to use Python (TabPy + pyTigerGraph).


I’m trying to connect to MS Power BI desktop, has anyone managed to do this? And if so, please let me know how to do this.
Thanks in advance

Hi @roteme welcome to the community. There have been a few projects that have used the built-in rest endpoints that were mentioned above. Here is one with a video explanation. https://devpost.com/software/power-bi-app-over-tigergraph-database