TigerGraph Queries

My Parameterised query is returning Null JSON. I followed the tutorial provided in GS-101. I’ve searching for solution or more details on TigerGraph but didn’t find any and finally ended up here with the help of GPT. Could anyone please guide me with TG?

Hi @Roctim_j_Gogoi ,

I assumed you’re following this page of the tutorial, right?

Can you provide us with the following information:

  • The query that you’re currently running
  • The environment you’re using - are you using TigerGraph Cloud? Or, are you using something else
  • Just wanting to check - does other queries return the expected results?

Query returning NULL JSON could be because there’s nothing in the graph yet. I’d suggest doing some command like this in GSQL shell to see whether there is an expected number of vertices and edges:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM <Vertex-Type>

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM <Source-Vertex-Type> -(<Edge-Type>)- <Target-Vertex-Type>

Supawish Limprasert (Jim)