TigerGraph Metrics CPU metric issue

.Hi I am new to TG community and TG :grinning:,
I have deployed my cluster in AWS EC2 instance with the free license.
I have created a custom GSQL query and after installation, I have done a load test to the endpoint to evaluate the performance of the cluster. But I am facing few issues in collecting the stats for the endpoint.

  1. The Cluster monitoring tool in the admin panel is not that much responsive, it doesn’t show any changes.
  2. I can select the start date and end date but I couldn’t set the exact time(there is no option to do that).
  3. I tried to get the stats using the GET /ts3/api/datapoints
    when I tried to get the CPU metrics the returned values are greater than 100,
    but in the documentation is says that it will return “Percentage of CPU usage by component”.
    I am confused why the values are greater than 100.

Can anyone guide me on how to collect the stats properly within a specific interval?

@vinoth_krishan The CPU percentage is based on the CPU cores so if multiple cores (let’s say 4) at 100% then you will see 400 as the value.

Our team (Developer Relations) is in the process of publishing blogs and videos on system monitoring / query performance (using Data Dog or ELK). We would love to share what we have if you’re interested in connecting to learn more about this prior to our publishing.

We also have weekly Community Office Hours (TigerGraph Graphe`) on Discord and could cover this during tomorrow’s session.


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@vinoth_krishan Also welcome to the community!! Glad to have you here!! :raised_hands:

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