TigerGraph Books

I really want to dig in deep and learn TigerGraph as thoroughly as I can.

I am already devouring the online product documentation. (By the way, I am somewhat disheartened that documentation can no longer be saved as PDF and it is not easy to move from one topic to the next. The documentation was better before it was “upgraded.”)

I am also going through all of the Graph Gurus videos and other online webinars. I have been through many of them before but am digging into them much more thoroughly this time around.

Finally, I am reading through the TigerGraph Ebook (TigerGraph Graph Database eBook) and Victor Lee’s awesome early-release book, “Graph-Powered Analytics and Machine Learning With TigerGraph” (Graph-Powered Analytics And Machine Learning With TigerGraph).

I am still hungry, and I want more. Are there other books on TigerGraph I am not aware of? Where can I find the most advanced material?

Any guidance is much appreciated. Thank you for helping me learn more and better.


Hi Anthony,
Thanks for your comments.
We’re aware that the current documentation is not optimized for PDF printing; I personally brought that up to the documentation team a few months ago, so improvements are on the roadmap.

We have had other publishers approach our community to see if anyone would like to write a TigerGraph book.

If anyone out there would like to be a book author, let us know!

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There are also many useful blogs like this one on implementing a rules engine that supports AND/OR/NOT operations in TigerGraph:

Hopefully, someone can create a list of well-written blogs and turn them into a book!