Hello everyone, On Linux (ubuntu 20.04) in TigerGraph the undirected Closeness Centrality code is working successfully and the result is as the same as the manual solution on paper, for Directed the results will not match the manual solution on paper, please answer and send me the exact code.
In Betweenness centrality Direceted I can implemented or until now not Implemented

Do you mind providing more details? Like the parameter for directed cc, schema and algo result


Hi Bahzad,

Can I have access to your solution or perhaps an extract of your solution that I can import to my TigerGraph server?

Another question I have is;

  • What is your TG Version?
  • Is this on-prem or in TG Cloud?

You can email me the files at carl.boudreau@tigergraph.com

I used the Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) and work on GraphStudion