The query function executes normally, but pyTigergraph says timeout

Hello, TigerGraph Team!

I installed a query function in TigerGraph that took about 16 seconds to complete. I tried to use Python to receive the result, but it timed out.

I used my browser to access the link it gave me and found that it worked fine and there was no error.

I’ve set the timeout parameter in pyTigergraph.

So I want to know what should I do in this case to receive the correct result it returns.

I found a simple way to solve this problem, but I still do not know why the above report timeout error.

@kwonder Thanks for reporting this. To better help us replicate the issue can you provide:

  1. What version of pyTigerGraph are you currently running? pip3 show pyTigerGraph
  2. What version of TigerGraph are you currently running?

Hello! @Jon_Herke . My pyTigerGraph version is, and My TigerGraph version is 3.5.1

Now I’ve found more details:
If I run the function I mentioned above alone, it will work fine (I have already run the comment above, so the following functions will still work).

However, if I execute the other functions in the figure below, it will report a timeout error, but all functions before run_pf_PQ_Hierarchy will execute normally.

Hopefully this will help you locate the problem!