SUDO disabled for Enterprise version of Docker Image

I downloaded the latest Docker for TigerGraph Enterprise Edition 3.9.3-1 LTS image. I’m doing some application development and need the pyTigerGraph libraries. So, when I go to execute ‘sudo apt install -y python3-pip’ I receive a message that “user tigergraph is not allowed to execute ‘/usr/bin/apt install -y python3-pip’ as root”.

This used to work on older version’s of TigerGraph Enterprise Edition Docker Images. Can you please re-enable this capability.

Hi @demit733 I’ll relay this to the product team. In the meantime can you try the following steps to see if you can install pyTigerGraph?:

  1. Access the Docker Container as root:
    You can enter the Docker container as the root user by running the following command:

    sudo docker exec -u 0 -it CONTAINER_NAME /bin/bash

    Replace CONTAINER_NAME with the actual name or ID of your TigerGraph container. This will allow you to execute commands as the root user within the container.

  2. Install Python and pip:
    Once you are inside the Docker container as root, you can install Python and pip using the following commands:

    apt update
    apt install -y python3 python3-pip

    This will update the package list and then install Python 3 and pip.

  3. Exit the Container:
    After installing Python and pip, you can exit the container as follows:


    This will return you to your host environment.

  4. Use pip to Install pyTigerGraph:
    Now that you have Python and pip installed within the Docker container, you can use pip to install the pyTigerGraph libraries:

    sudo docker exec -it CONTAINER_NAME pip3 install pyTigerGraph

    Replace CONTAINER_NAME with the actual name or ID of your TigerGraph container.

Thank you Jon, I was able to install the Python packages following the steps you outlined above: :grinning:

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