Starting a new TigerGraph instance from a AWS AMI

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a snapshot from TigerGraph in AWS and used the snapshot to boot further instances of tigergraph. I was wondering if its possible to change ip and keys of a installed instance. At the moment the only way to boot that image is to change the install_conf and reeinstall TigerGraph on the machine.

Has someone experience with something similar.

Thank you for the help

Hello, @chrisalsma! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community. After installation, you have the flexibility to adjust your IPs and License settings through configuration commands using gadmin config . For more details on configuration parameters, check out the documentation here. Feel free to explore and optimize your setup as needed.

System.HostList The aliases and hostnames/IPs for nodes [{"ID":"m1","Hostname":"","Region":"r1"},{"ID":"m2","Hostname":"","Region":"r2"}]
System.License The license key for TigerGraph system nan