Sort out /query_status/{graph_name} proper format

I am in a process of writing down OpenAPI specification for REST++ API.

The docs show the following endpoint for the operation:

curl -s -X GET "http://localhost:9000/query_status?graph_name=poc_graph&requestid=4.RESTPP_1_1.1599672031541.N"

That means graph_name is not a path param.

After listing the endpoints I see the following format:

'GET /query_status/{graph_name}"'

For me, the latter seems more consistent with the rest of the API
(for example /query/{graph_name}/{query_name})
but it is just a matter of opinion.

Btw, both forms seem to work (return some results)…

For now, I’ll implement the version with a path param, but please, let me know if both are supported and should “make it” to the specs.