Some issues about TigerGraph

1.loss of data
I imported a dataset in the cloud platform, and the sample data contains the edge (0, 1), but after importing, one edge is missing, and after querying, I found that there is no (0, 1) edge

2.I’m trying to run the GSQL algorithm, with the pagerank algorithm added, but the run button sometimes says “run query”, which works, but sometimes it says “running in interpreted mode”, which shows that it’s not supported and fails to run. Why does the run button change? And how can I run in interpreted mode?
3.I want to get the performance metrics of latency, accuracy, etc. of the running algorithms, I opened the admin portal, but it doesn’t have the above information, do you know how to get these performance metrics?
4.I’ve removed the timeout setting value in the run configuration, i.e. there is no 60s timeout constraint, and I’ve run it successfully this way before. But today he always shows "The query didn’t finish because it exceeded the query timeout threshold (60 seconds). ". How can I fix this?