Slow loading data

Hi everyone,

When I start tigergraph on the server and do nothing, the disk’s I/O drop from 8Gb/s to 200Mb/s (using hdparm to test), and the loading speed is only below 1kl/s. This server provides an Ubuntu VM with high hardware capacity (Xeon chip with 36 cores, 100Gb Ram,)
I test the same code, the same data on my laptop and the loading speed is around 100kl/s.

The troubleshooting tutorial guild to increase handle with the command gadmin --config handler && gadmin --config apply but it may be old command and cannot run in the new version.

Do you face the same trouble?

I do some tests and the result of a lower hardware system like 4 chips and 8Gb Ram, The loading speed can reach 200kl/s :)).

I don’t understand why it happens