Show all edges?

I’m a bit new to TigerGraph and have not yet mastered some of the more sophisticated things, like GSQL queries. However, I have put together a useful graph to help me analyze and find missing foreign key relationships in a sprawling, poorly designed legacy relational database.

Something I would like to be able to do in Graph Studio is to “show all edges between vertices that are in the current view”. I know I can expand vertices one by one (although I don’t necessarily want to introduce new vertices at this point), or shift-click to select and expand from multiple vertices. But to know for sure that I am seeing all the edges, I would have to individually click and expand something like 200 vertices.

Even something as simple as clicking and dragging to select a set of vertices to expand from would be fine. It’s establishing that large set that’s the problem.

I’d also be happy with a method to load all vertices of a certain type, and all edges of a certain type - what’s most important here is to know I’m seeing the whole graph without missing anything.

Is there any way I can do this? I would be comfortable copying and pasting a query if necessary.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your interest in using TigerGraph.

We support selecting multiple vertexes. Just click on the black background and hold your mouse for 2 seconds.

Then drag your mouse, then you will be able to select multiple vertexes. Then click on Find Connections


However, this method limits the number of vertexes that you can take as input.

To support a larger group of vertexes, using a query would be the right way to go.

Hope this helps.