Should TG directory be visible in CentOS

From the terminal I can see the tigergraph directory resides at:

But I cannot see it in the CentOS GUI. Is this by design or what am I missing?

Still don’t see it after selecting this option:


try to refresh the list (think F5 or CTRL+R). I’m on Linux Mint, I can see the folder. But anyway, you will be needing shell more than GUI.

In shell, please enter:

ls -l /home/tigergraph


Thank you.

I ran that command and it said “total 0” which I’m guessing it didn’t find anything, yet it gave this path for the core dump which suggest the directory is there.

what am I missing here?

You are seeing the directory in the terminal as you expect.

You may need to switch your logged in user to tigergraph in the GUI in order to see it there. We don’t use linux GUI’s so it is hard to give good recommendations.

You got a total of 0 files, folders are not counting. And you have 2 folders there: tigergraph and tigergraph_coredump (which is a symlink to the logs subfolder).

Your installation is under /home/tigergraph/tigergraph (note double tigergraph here!) so you are fine.


OK, thank you everyone and sorry for the extra trouble.

I finally figured it out. i was logged in as root - not tigergraph (as shown in the screenshot above)
I have zero knowledge of Linux, commands, etc. so this has been insanely confusing. slowly getting a grip now… please be patient with me - i will get there.

It is truly no problem at all. We want to support everyone at whatever level of experience. One of the things we actively work on is reducing the number of different things you need to know in order to use our product, so your experience is useful input.
Can I ask, what platform (Windows maybe?) and technologies do you usually work with?

Hi Richard,

Windows, Windows Server, IIS SQL Server, c#. Looking into WebAssembly and considering rust for the WebAssembly apps. WCF and have been working on our own API and framework to replace WCF/REST for all client/server communication.