Shared folders in the Dev VritualBox

Nevermind. It seems very buggy but works sometimes.

I was prompted to authenticate when creating the share which I didn’t have permission to do.

after refreshing I could do into the share folder (sometimes) and see the files I need.

But if I go out of that folder and back again its empty and sometimes I’m prompted to authenticate again

I’m using the VitualBox setup for using the TigerGraph developer edition and am trying to configure shared folders so I an move data into the VM. Evidently the user tigergraph has limited permissions and cannot share. Do you have way to do this?

Also, the examples I see on YouTube make use of the terminal window for entering some commands but it seems the terminal window is fixed to start at:

how can I back out of this prompt so I can use it for general usage?

I’m new to Linux, VirtualBox, everything here.