September 6th - September 9th Weekly Updates: MinHash Based Fuzzy Match on Graph, TigerGraph Connections, TigerGraph Swag Drop, and More!

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Here’s your weekly round-up of tutorials, podcasts, swag drop, and more!

:computer: MinHash Based Fuzzy Match on Graph


Many graph use cases require fuzzy matching, a method used to find similar, but not exactly matching, phrases in a database. Some examples of fuzzy matching include inputting a string of characters, searching records with similar string attribute values, or finding a set of data records that have similar string values. This blog introduces a way of running string fuzzy matches on graphs that is very performant, storage efficient, and easy to implement!

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:headphones: New Episode! - TigerGraph Connections Podcast


Max Latey, the CEO and Founder of Pinboard Consulting, talks about his company’s work, along with its award-winning efforts during the Graph for All Million Dollar Challenge earlier this year and completing his Master’s dissertation in human social behavior, heavily featuring graph theory and techniques.

Listen Here!

:balloon: TigerGraph Swag Drop

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It’s time for our Monthly Swag Drop! :partying_face:

All members active in our Discord and Discourse community in August were entered in a drawing where one lucky winner was selected. The winner of the swag drop will receive TigerGraph goodies, including but not limited to a TigerGraph t-shirt, notebook, tiger beanie, and socks.

Ways to be eligible (participate):

  • Help out other members of the TigerGraph community on Discord or Discourse by answering questions
  • Participated in our weekly Discord TigerGraph Graphé
  • Post a question on either Discord or Discourse

The best part is the more of these activities you complete, the more times your name will be entered in the drawing!

The winner for the August 2022 Swag Drop is: @Grant :tada:

:coffee: TigerGraph Graphé

Bring your coffee and talk directly with our engineers every Tuesday on Discord. During Graphé hours, we talk about all things graph, answer questions about graph modeling, GSQL programming, and more!

Upcoming sessions:

:tickets: DeveloperWeek Cloud 2022 - Free OPEN Pass!

:spiral_calendar: Thursday, September 8, 2022, 1:00 PM - 1:25 PM CDT
:round_pushpin: Palmer Events Center, Austin, TX

Dr. Victor Lee, Vice President of Machine Learning and AI at TigerGraph, will be speaking at this year’s DeveloperWeek Cloud, presenting on Successful Architectures and Case Studies for Graph Database ML on the Cloud!

Attending this session to learn:

  • 3 ways that graph data and analytics enhance machine learning
  • Simple core architecture with options for different needs
  • Comparison of graph and graph ML options
  • Examples drawn from industry: financial fraud detection, consumer and healthcare recommendation, operational resilience.

We’d love to see you there! Get your free OPEN Pass HERE.

:mega: Events

[Thursday, October 6th - Friday, October 7th] Big Data & AI Toronto
In Person: Toronto
With more than 250 presentations, 100 exhibiting companies and 5,000 participants, Big Data & AI Toronto offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest trends and network with all data and artificial intelligence professionals in USA and Canada.

[Tuesday, October 11th - Thursday, October 13th] ACAMS Las Vegas Conference
In Person: Las Vegas
At this high-powered conference the risks and rewards of innovations like blockchain are dissected. The practical AML benefits of tools such as artificial intelligence are detailed. Investigators from law enforcement share case studies. Thought leaders from the public and private sectors deliberate on enhancing collaboration to more effectively fight financial crime.

[Monday, October 17th - Thursday, October 20th] Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022
In Person: Orlando, Florida
The Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™ 2022 conference will explore innovative and transformational opportunities with a global community of experts and peers. Walk away with insights and expert guidance on the future direction of technology, best practices to define and validate IT strategies and real-world examples on how to execute on key initiatives.

:bar_chart: Kaggle Trending Datasets

Food Prices in US Cities :carrot:
Food at Home in U.S. City Average

Country Population Growth Predictions :earth_americas:
One, Ten, One Hundred Year Predictions at the Current Rate of Growth

USA Airline Delay Cause :airplane:
USA Airline flights delays & causes

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