- Permission denied

Looking at the screenshot below it looks like I executed the command correctly, and as far as I know I’m logged in as admin.

I even went to the folder and assigned read/write permissions for all to the Demo folder.

Any thoughts on where I’m going wrong?

You almost certainly (though I am guessing a bit) need to give it execute permissions.

To check: cd to the directory and run an ls -l .

If it doesn’t have ‘x’ in the permissions string then:
chmod u+x

then give it another go.

Hi Richard,

Looks like I need to assign permission to access the directory first.

What’s the command for that?

Thank you.

In your first screenshot you try to start form root folder, but you are using ‘sudo -u tigergraph’ to switch to user tigergraph - this would not work.

You can copy TgDemo folder using root user to your tigergraph folder:
(as root!)

cp -Rv /root/Downloads/TgDemo /home/tigergraph/

Then change the right and ownership (still using root!):
chown -R tigergraph: /home/tigergraph/TgDemo

After this make all scripts executable:
chmod 755 /home/tigergraph/TgDemo/DemoExamples_2.0/Demo/*.sh

Now you log as tigergraph using sudo -u tigergraph

and start
(-> change to /home/tigergraph/ first):

Or if you want to stay logged in as root and just run a script as user without switching to that user first:

su -u tigergraph /PATH/TO/