RESTPP crashes when `read_committed` used for running a query (get request)

I was testing an endpoint for running an installed query:

GET /query/{graph_name}/{query_name}

(see: Built-in Endpoints :: Docs)

Everything works fine, until I try to use read_committed param.

Here is the procedure to reproduce.

  1. Create and install a simple query:
  STRING a = "keya";
  String b = "keyb";
  PRINT a, b; 
  print a as kuku;
  PRINT [a, b] as result; 
  1. Send “good” rest request:

Everything is ok. There is a response from the API.

  1. Send “bad” request:

You’ll get an error and RESTPP will go down.


@gruby_karol I’ll work on reproducing. Are you using tgcloud or local installation? Also which version of TigerGraph are you using?

@gruby_karol We have been able reproduced the issue. Working with the internal team now on a resolution.