RESTPP /abortquery description

According to the docs (Built-in Endpoints :: Docs), the operation for aborting the query may look like this:

curl -X GET "localhost:9000/abortquery/poc_graph?requestid=16842763.RESTPP_1_1.1561401340785.N&requestid=16973833.RESTPP_1_1.1561401288421.N"

It suggests that multiple IDs can be passed. In reality, in this situation the endpoint responds with
At most 1 values can be provided for parameter requestid, but 2 value(s) are given. (“code”:“REST-30000”)

If it is expected behavior (accepting only one request ID), only small doc cleanup is required…

Second question:
When listing endpoints (/endpoints), you can see, that POST is also supported. Is this deprecated? Intentionally “hidden” in the docs?