Replace Enterprise Edition 3.0 with Dev Edition 3.0

I already have the Enterprise Edition 2.6 installed on a server and want to replace it with the Developer Edition 3.0. Are there special instructions for this process?

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If you want to install 3.0 Dev Edition, you can install it as a brand new installation. If you want to migrate existing schema and data, then we have migration utility for 2.x to 3.0 versions. But, Migration utility requires enterprise editions. Please file a support ticket for enterprise edition migration.

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I’m not too concerned about migration as it’s still a small graph. Are you saying I can install them side by side?

If so, then do I just follow the default installation instructions or do I need to do anything different such as input a different path?

If not, then are there instructions on un-installing the enterprise edition and any additional cleanup?

Yes, you can install multiple versions as long as the user and directories are different. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. stop all old tigergraph service by gadmin stop all ts3 admin
  2. install 3.0 to a different user other than tigergraph .

Different users will allow you not to inadvertently alter the wrong version running on the same machine. You can switch versions by switching users. Just make sure to stop one version completely before switching.

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Question, you said:
"install 3.0 to a different user other than tigergraph"

  1. Are you referring to “tigergraph” the Linux user (log into Linux as a different user than the first install) or the TigerGraph database user?

  2. Can I run both versions at the same time if they use different ports?

Thank you.

When you run the install shell, it will ask you which user to install under. Change from the default (tigergraph) to something else (e.g. tigergraph3) and the script should do the rest.

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Can I run both versions at the same time if they use different ports?

Hey George,

please check here:


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