Recommended channel for reporting bugs

What is the recommended channel for reporting bugs?


Thanks for the recommendation! We will create a Bug Report and a Feature Request and link it to the top navigation. I’ll update this thread when that is posted. Keep your eyes open for it to be up in ~ 7 days.

@jimwu Just added the following:

Feature Request

Bug Report

Great! Thanks @Jon_Herke!

Sent in my first bug report today. Works well. The only minor issue is that it asks for email address twice. If you can fix that, that’d be great.

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Thanks for the heads up! Just fixed.

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Hi! Does the bug report form still exist? I don’t see it in the top navigation bar.

Hi @mlikoga! You can submit a bug report to You will need to create an account and log in before making the report. Let me know if I need to follow up with anyone internally once it’s submitted.