Question about Tigergraph queries rest endpoints

Hi team,
I am developing a full stack application with (Angular and Flask backend) and in backend I am calling TigerGraph queries using pyTigerGraph Library, My question is here that in the deployment time, I am going to use Nginx or Caddy as a Load Balancer to my backend rest apis, and my these (rest Apis backend) calling your conn.installedquery(“get_all_profiles”) behind the scene this “get_all_profiles” is also
nothing but a built in endpoint http://localhost:9000/query/reltClient/get_all_profiles

is this one also requires a Load balancer because my backend API calling another Product backend API?

Hi @pkr2

thank you for your post , as long as you’re keeping the TigerGraph credentials shared across all your backend threads , you should be fine .

As for the second question , you’re having the a local instance of TigerGraph behind a LoadBalancer which is fine , but I would suggest creating a cluster ( multi nodes ) to distiribute the load in between ( Kubernetes will be a good solution for you )

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