Question about Certified TigerGraph Associate

I found the following information (source: Graph Analytics Course | Graph Database Certification) on Certified TigerGraph Associate:

Certified TigerGraph Associate – provides an introduction to graph database and analytics, and an overview of use cases and benefits, and graph query programming.

There is also some info on how to become one:

How Do I Become Certified?

You will need to complete two training modules and achieve a passing score on the subsequent test (one test after Step Two: GSQL Programming 101):

TigerGraph Fundamentals
This module teaches the business benefits of graph database and analytics and examines a variety of use cases

GSQL Programming 101
This module provides the basics of programming in GSQL, TigerGraph’s graph query language

I’ve gone through the materials and finished GSQL 101 quiz.

What I received was:

It states “Certificate of Excelence, GSQL 101 Quiz”.

Just wondering: am I TigerGraph certified associate, or a certified quiz master :wink:

@gruby_karol Looks like there might be a bug in the certification program. It should have added your name to recognize that you hold the certificate. Let me bring this to the internal team. I’ll reach out to you 1:1 to get your email and we can resend the correct certificate. Thanks for pointing this out!

No worries.

Just to make my intentions clear: I may have done something wrong while undergoing the process. It’s more about clearing the path for others too.

Let’s discuss offline.

At present there are two certifications. The one you completed is indeed: Certified TigerGraph Associate

TigerGraph is the process of launching a university which will be filled with a lot more educational videos and certificates. Keep those interested posted on this thread.

@Jon_Herke What is the second one ? Is it the Graph Alg for ML ?

I believe there are only two certifications for now, the second one being:
Graph Algorithms for Machine Learning

See: Graph Analytics Course | Graph Database Certification

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@gruby_karol that is correct. TigerGraph is working on many more additional certifications. I’ll update these threads when they come out. They will also be announced in the weekly updates. @ksankar

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