Query Not Installing Correctly on TigerGraph 3.0

Hi there,

I made a global schema change, which uninstalls all of the queries. One of the queries installed correctly, but when installing one of the other queries, it showed that it was installing, and after saying that it had completed installing, it reverted back to saying that the query still had to be installed. After this point, trying to install any other queries results in GraphStudio throwing an error, saying that I cannot install a query when another query is currently being installed. This query is now indefinitely installing.

I am currently running TigerGraph 3.0 on a docker container, and editing the queries + schema through the web interface over localhost:14240.

The workaround is to modify the stuck queries (by inserting a space somewhere). This cancels the weird GSQL caching that causes the problem.

Credit: @Richard_Henderson

you can login into your container as user tigergraph
docker exec -it --user tigergraph <CONTAINER_NAME> sh -c “/bin/bash”

and restart the gsql service (and maybe nginx and gui too):
gadmin restart gsql nginx gui

Awesome! The workaround seems to do the job. Thanks all!

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