PyTigerGraph getVerticesById() method error

Hi team,

We are trying to get node attributes using pytigergraph methods getVerticesById, and below is the error we are getting -

After debugging we found that it is because of few vertices Id which have special characters like '/ '. The same vertex ids got added while ingesting the data, but throws the error while fetching it.

Below is the list of ids for which we get the error -

 "MaterialClass": [
    "MaterialClass_SEAL LIP /AIR BLOWER 33URAI",

And when we remove the 3rd element, it works fine.

Hi @muskansapolia,

Thanks for reporting the issue, we’re debugging it and will be releasing a pyTigerGraph fix for that .

Hey @muskansapolia,

The issue has been solved please upgrade pyTigerGraph to version:

pip install -U pyTigerGraph

Sure, Thanks @Mohamed_Zrouga.