PyTigerGraph does not return Exception message

I am trying to create a graph vertex using pyTigergraph, and when there is syntax, semantic or any other error, the message is not returned.
PyTigerGraph does not return the exception message when it is thrown, instead it returns the code, which makes it difficult for the person to interpret what has gone wrong.

When run using pyTigergraph, It doesn’t show the error message , it just returns the exception code

But in GSQL Shell, it shows the error with message -
Semantic Check Fails: The vertex name team is used by another object! Please use a different name.
The job graph_team could not be created!


hey @muskansapolia

thank you for reporting this, we are actually working on the linter implementation release.
We will keep you posted when we release it :slightly_smiling_face:


@Mohamed_Zrouga, Any updates regarding this?

it’s implemented in the latest version need to upgrade pyTigerDriver and pyTigerGraph

pip install -U pyTigerDriver pyTigerGraph