pyTigerGraph, conn.getEdgesDataframe passing in multiple vertex IDs

Hi I was trying to follow pyTigerGraph/GSQL101 - PyTigerGraph.ipynb at master · pyTigerGraph/pyTigerGraph · GitHub here. Did the getEdgesDataframe function got changed? Right now, it does allow passing in [‘Tom’, ‘Jenny’] as source vertex.

conn.getEdgesDataframe(sourceVertexType = ‘person’,
sourceVertexId = ‘Tom’,
edgeType = ‘friendship’)

TigerGraphException Traceback (most recent call last)
----> 1 conn.getEdgesDataframe(sourceVertexType = ‘person’,
2 sourceVertexId = [‘Tom’, ‘Jenny’],
3 edgeType = ‘friendship’)

/opt/conda/lib/python3.9/site-packages/pyTigerGraph/ in getEdgesDataframe(self, sourceVertexType, sourceVertexId, edgeType, targetVertexType, targetVertexId, select, where, limit, sort, timeout)
973 “”"
974 if type(sourceVertexId) == type([]):
→ 975 raise TigerGraphException(“List is not yet supported”)
976 else:
977 return self.getEdges(sourceVertexType, sourceVertexId, edgeType, targetVertexType, targetVertexId, select,

TigerGraphException: List is not yet supported

I have gotten the “List is not yet supported” error as well, can you check to make sure pyTigerGraph is the latest? pip upgrade pyTigerGraph