Problems in installing tigergraph3.2 with 4 nodes

After I complete the installation steps, it prompts me for a successful installation.

After the installation is complete, I entered the m3 node, using any of the commands (such as: gsql, gadmin) it will tip “- bash: / home/gg/tigergraph/app/cmd/gadmin: No to the file or directory”.
but there is No such problem on the other three nodes

However, if I enter into “/opt/module/tigergraph/app/cmd” directory, execute the script file, these commands can be executed successfully

I want to know why, and how can I solve this problem so that I can also be the same as the other nodes in node 3

After installing TigerGraph, I always recommend exiting and rentering one’s SSH session so that bashrc is resourced. Is this something you tried?

If so, could you please share a screenshot from the command output from the server you’re having problems on? In addition, could you please share the output from:
ls /home/gg/tigergraph/app/cmd/gadmin
And in addition:
ls /opt/module/tigergraph/app/cmd/
And finally:
ls /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/app/3.2.0/cmd

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Thank you very much for your reply!
I now use SSH to access the four nodes, all of which use gadmin (or gsql) at the same time, and I find that they are back to normal.
I never thought the problem would happen here.

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