PrimaryID For Entity Resolution

Hello! I am working through the entity resolution tutorial (Graph-Based Customer Entity Resolution - TigerGraph) and it seems like it fits my needs better than the youtube demo did. I am running into an issue in my data with primary ids and loading in edges to connect vertices with their primary id’s - so I was wondering what a valid primary_id would be for the user vertex and any of the identifier vertices?? It couldn’t be any of the attributes because none of them are always present (plus if you had two with the same it would get overwritten) but having a randomly generated one would make it impossible to link relevant vertices and edges. Just looking for any guidance here!

Also if anyone has a more fleshed out version of the pseudocode given in the same page that would also be very helpful

Hi @cmatheny2002 I took a look at the blog. Do you know if this blog is using the “Entity Resolution” starter kit? If you don’t know don’t worry. I’m in the process of spinning up a box to check.

I would be more than excited to help you out in your endeavors. I’m actually looking to build an open source Entity Resolution project myself. There are a number of techniques you can apply in entity resolution. A few great ones listed in the publication.

IF you’re just exploring Entity Resolution as learning, I would be more than excited to pair up with you on building something useful for the community.