Oct 25th - 29th: Graph + AI Videos, TigerGraph Fullstack Course, GSQL Pygment Support, and More!

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:sparkles: Special Announcement

Vote for TigerGraph as the Startup fo the Year in Redwood City!
TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

Vote for TigerGraph as the Best Data and AI Product or Technology!
TigerGraph has also been nominated for Datanami’s 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards for Big Data and AI. You can vote here! TigerGraph is running for…

  • Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Analytics Database
  • Top 3 Data and AI Vendors
  • Top Data and AI COVID-19 Use Case

Vote for TigerGraph for AI/ML and Data Analytics Innovation of the Year!
TigerGraph is the finalist for three sections in the SDC awards! You can vote here! TigerGraph is a finalist for…

  • AI/Machine Learning Innovation of the Year
  • Data Analytics Innovation of the Year
  • Digital Transformation Company of the Year

:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

Practical Solutions Architecture in TigerGraph

The art of producing elegant and robust solutions for complex graph problems is all about the blend of graph expertise and pragmatic thinking. This video by Wyatt Joyner provides a high-level overview of the types of algorithms on offer in the TigerGraph GSQL Algorithms Library and explores an in-depth use case of Jaccard Similarity, Community Detection, and Centrality Scoring. If you don’t know what those are, watch the video to find out!

Hands on with the TigerGraph Graph Data Science Library and Python

In this video by Parker Erickson, learn how to utilize TigerGraph’s Graph Data Science Library to perform in-database machine learning and feature extraction through hands-on examples. It uses TigerGraph and Python with a variety of hands-on examples to help gain an understanding of how different algorithms help solve business problems.

101 Full-Stack App with TigerGraph

This session by Kevin Hsu covers all the components and steps needed to build your own full-stack application including user management with JWT, using a middle-tier API layer interacting with TigerGraph REST endpoints, multiple components for visualizations, and using a front-end framework.
This includes:

  • Frontend: Quasar/VueJS3, Echarts, and Vuex
  • Middleware: pyTigerGraph and FastAPI
  • Backend: Server setup and TigerGraph Cloud

You will leave this session with a sample full stack application project that you could build after the workshop on TigerGraph Cloud. Also, will be connected to the Developer Community to get support by TigerGraph Developers and Engineers.

UCSD: TigerGraph + Customer and Executive Part 5

Join Jay Yu, VP of Product, Innovation & General Manager of San Diego Research & Development Center at TigerGraph as he provides executive experience and advice on implementing and using TigerGraph at Intuit. Previously, he was at Intuit for 18 years where he was a Distinguished Engineer/Architect/Director and led many product and technology innovations. Jay holds a Ph.D. in computer science with a specialty in large-scale parallel database systems from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s database research group, has earned 28 patents and has won multiple innovation/leadership awards, and is well recognized by the knowledge graph community from his active involvement in graph industry conferences. Ask him questions about what he looked for in new recruits at Intuit, his most interesting use cases, and any questions you may have.

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Connect Streamlit to TigerGraph
This guide by Shreya Chaudhary as part of the new Streamlit docs explains how to securely access a TigerGraph database from Streamlit Cloud. It uses the pyTigerGraph library and Streamlit’s secrets management.

TigerGraph, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Xilinx Announce World’s First Hardware-Accelerated Graph Analytics Solution for the Enterprise
Combine Xilinx’s speed, Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s compute platforms and TigerGraph’s massive graph scale and you get 48x performance gains on key workloads and an 18% boost in accuracy, giving customers real-time data around fraud detection, customer360, and supply chain optimization in manufacturing. If you want to easily load, process, and analyze massive amounts of data in real time to find key relationships within data and realize the full transformative potential of graph analytics, check out the new joint solution in this blog by Emily McAuliffe.

:newspaper_roll: TigerGraph in the News

TigerGraph 3.2 Improves Scalability And Security
Check out the specs as I-Programmer covers the upgrades from TigerGraph 3.2 that bring greater availability, scalability, manageability, and security.

:spiral_notepad: Colab Notebook & Projects

TigerGraph Fullstack Course!

Check out the newest course by Kevin Hsu to learn how to create a full-stack app with TigerGraph within an hour. It’s a crash course, and tech stacks use the most modern technologies like ReactJS, FastAPI, TigerGraph Cloud, pyTigerGraph, and AntV G6.

:mega: Events


[Nov 2 - 4] BioDataWorld

[Nov 8 - 11] Gartner IT Xpo Symposium - EMEA

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Popular Halloween 2020 Costumes Amazon Reviews
Check out reviews of popular Halloween costumes on Amazon and create a costume graph using TigerGraph. Use NLP to extract entities like locations and dates and grab keywords from the review to select the best costume. Maybe even make your own mini Amazon with this data using the new Fullstack Course!

IMDB Horror Movie Dataset [2012 Onwards]
Spice up the traditional Movie Recommendations graph with this horror movies dataset. Where is the best place to record horror movies? Who are the top horror directors? Learn this and more by creating a horror movie dataset!

Squid Game IMDB User Reviews
Did you know that the most searched Halloween costume (this year as of today) is a Squid Games-related costume? Create a Squid Games rating graph to see what people are thinking about Squid Games and maybe get a clue as to why it is so popular.

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

GSQL code highlighting is now supported in the newest Pygments release!

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